Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor 34C (90 34 001)

The bestselling razor from Merkur & Dovo!
Ideal for all skin types, this double edged razor features a short length handle which allows for maximum precision when shaving. Finished in strong stainless steel, it features a textured handle with precision milling which helps to keep the razor tight in your grip when shaving. With a matching base that allows for easy blade swapping, it fits comfortably in hand with its weight being evenly distributed through the length of the handle. Well balance and elegant, its great for a smooth shaving experience. 

Key benefits

  • Great for providing a smooth, close shave
  • Stainless steel and durable
  • Two-piece razor
  • Shorter length, texture handle for better grip
  • Besteller
  • Made in Germany

How to use Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor 34C

  1. Release the razor head by unscrewing the handle
  2. Lift the cover clear to insert the blade
  3. Slot the head cover back in place
  4. Screw and tighten the handle
  5. The razor is then ready for us
  6. Replace razor blades frequently and before feeling any 'razor drag' for a close, smooth shave that is free of irritation


  • Overall length - 8cm
  • Weight - 80g
  • Handle Length - 75mm
  • Head Width - 41mm
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