Merkur & Dovo Double Edge Long Handle Blade Safety Razor 23C


Originally developed in the 1920's, the Merkur 23c Safety Razor is a reliable shaving classic. 

Featuring a long handle and straight foam edge, it's ideal for achieving a particularly smooth shave. Ideal for use with shaving soap, its blades are spaced out to allow soap flow, and to make cleaning easier and quicker. Best for a classic wet shave, the safety razor features a closed comb which helps to shave at all angles, whilst the blade gap allows soap to flow whilst shaving, and protects the razor from getting clogged with product or hair residue. 

Best known for their attention to detail and materials, Merkur Solingen uses zinc-die casting to create maximum precision on their razors, and brass handles to provide a comfortable and well distributed shave. Finished with chrome plating, their razors also are protected from corrosion and water damage. 

Key benefits

  • Closed straight comb razor
  • Features a short screw, 3 piece safety razor
  • Brass handle and die-cased zinc razor head
  • Galvanised surface with bright chrome plating
  • Easy to clean
  • Packaging a carton box


4.1 cm x 2.5 cm x 10.6 cm

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