Bathing Beauty Gauntlet Hand Salve


An ultra-nourishing hand salve, perfect for gardeners, runners, horse riders and dog walkers suffering from dry, cracked skin.

Formulated with fair trade shea butter and organic avocado oil, it penetrates deeply to protect the skin; and with the absence of water, its high concentration keeps the hands warm in cold weather. It also uses antiseptic rosemary oil and calendula oil known for it's healing properties.

Key benefits

  • 100% natural
  • Nourishing and protecting
  • Ideal for very dry hands
  • Heals cracks and irritation
  • Infused with shea butter, avocado oil, rosemary and calendula
  • Perfect for on the go

How to use Bathing Beauty Gauntlet Hand Salve

  1. Rub a small amount into the back of the hands
  2. Draw the residue down to the fingers and palms
  3. Massage until fully absorbed
  4. Re-apply throughout the day
Butyrospermum Parkii( Fair Trade Shea butter), Persea Gratissima, ( Organic Avocado oil) Calendula officinalis ( Calendula oil) Cera Alba ( Beeswax) Rosemarinus Officinalis, (Rosemary Essential oil) *limonene *linalool . * occurs naturally in essential oils
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