Hairbond Wonder Hair Repair Mask 100ml


With Hairbond's Wonder, you're getting 7 hair caring benefits, all in one single hair mask. That's right. Hairbonds Wonder is an awe-inspiring product designed to transform hair in need. Designed to be used on clean, damp hair, it's a must-have step in your hair care routine. 

Why it Works

  • Its potent combination of actives allows this mask to detangle hair
  • It fixes split ends, restores dry and damaged hair and reduces frizz and flyaways
  • It helps to prolong the life of hair colour and protect hair from thermal heat styling
  • It also enhances shine and silkiness
  • The formula is free of sulfates and parabens

How to use Hairbond Wonder Hair Repair Mask

  1. Apply product to clean damp hair
  2. Use a comb to ensure proper distribution
  3. Blow dry or style as you wish
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